Over 10,000 Developers Working on Facebook Chatbots

   Facebook Chatbots

Since Mark Zuckerberg announced the introduction Facebook chatbots , the anticipation continues to build. Bots are simply artificial intelligence systems which allow online users to interact using text. This means that, for instance, a Facebook user could request a chatbot to give a weather report or resolve a problem with the service. Bots are largely preferred because they do not have to be downloaded like apps.

Facebook Bot

During the Disrupt NY 2016 edition, it was revealed that developers in the tens of thousands were lining up to create Facebook-centric chatbots. The Head of Product at Messenger, Stan Chudnovsky announced this and added that e-commerce firms were more than eager to reach the almost one billion users of the social media site.

facebook chatbots2

Despite the fact that chatbots are practical in the current online space, Chundovsky mentioned that there is a likelihood of the bots becoming spammy. This could reduce friend interactions due to increased bot interaction. At the moment, however, Facebook is in the process of creating a full-featured Messenger system for analytics. This will help in tracking the bots and controlling any spamming activities.

Facebook Messenger Bots

In the long run, chatbots a seen as a viable investment because they will make it much easier for individuals to interact with businesses and this will lead to great opportunities.